Wednesday, December 29, 2010

before the holidays begin


30th Dec 2010 - 12th Jan 2010.
It will be final examination before we end our first semester in urdun (Jordan). After that, I'm going to have two weeks holidays I guess. Anyways, good luck to all my friends in Just and Yarmouk. break a leg!

In the name of Allah,the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
ya Rabb, please keep me away from laziness to study but don't let me astray from remembering you.Same goes to my friends. Please guide us along the way.amin..

dear readers,pray for our success:)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

no money, no honey


title post atas tu takda kaitan pun ye dgn ape yg nak dituliskan di sini. tadi ternampak statement tu kat baju orang masa naik coaster otw blik dari Just. nampak menarik. kelakar pun ada.haha.depends la kat korang nak judge statement tu mcm mana;)

PINTAR, WTF(write the future), API (akses pemikiran islam) dan sebagainya.

emmm. kat atas tu semua program-program yang kitorang wajib attend.WTF dah lepas, PINTAR secara berkala, dan API pula bakal menyusul sabtu ni. yea, kebiasaannya hujung-hujung minggu kami selalu dipenuhkan dengan program-program ilmiah macam tu. nak ikutkan tahap kemalasan dalam diri tu memang tinggi. tapi nak buat macam mana. ikhlaskan hati & lapangkan dada saje lah yee. inshaAllah semua tu ada barakah yang Allah nak bagi.

kawan-kawan sakan, malam ni saya tak tidur sakan. sleepover kat rumah senior:) esok pula akan ke stadium untuk berjoging.lama ow tak bersukan! kena bakar adipose tissue yang semakin menebal:p

emm. dengar cerita adik saya seorang tu kalau ada peluang nak masuk tahfiz. kak in doakan awak dapatlah yee. inshaAllah :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

how is she?


Alhamdulillah, it has been three months since the first time I arrived here, Jordan. thanks to Allah for countless blessings and all the things You gave me through all my life. Hope that the path I take is always right and only the way towards You.

em. it's nearly end of December, the book of 2010 are going to be closed and some questions are playing on my mind;

How many years have I lived? Did I do worship sincerely?  How I acted towards other people? Have I become to a better person? 

only Allah knows.

I realized I did so many sins throughout this year.
Hope that another year ahead will change myself  to a better muslimah.ameen.

*for ayie, kuatlah. itu mungkin yang terbaik.inshaAllah:')

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Let's go through this journey together.
kita dah sama-sama tua lah gumuk!

May Allah bless You:)
sarangheo <3


Monday, December 13, 2010

musim ini


Alhamdulillah, a few days past and until today, rains keep pouring downs with the hard blow winds.
some said that syitaa' has started showing its "taring". hehe.

many experiences from seniors that i've heard and read about syitaa'.
some make me happy and some make me worry.

ya Allah, jauhilah aku dari sifat malas dan leka dengan kehadiran musim ini.

p/s: sebulan lagi finals.
When Allah tests you.
It is NEVER destroy you,
when He removes something in your possesion,
It is (only) in order to empty your hands
for even a GREATER GIFT!

by Ibn al-Qayyim

subhannallah :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

awal muharram, a new chapter:)


semoga tahun ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya.


Monday, December 6, 2010



Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true and May Allah Bless you:)

naah, for you! hihi:D 

Good Luck for germangtch:p

Lots Of Love from Tamie :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My weakness.

My moods.         

bittaufeeq batchmates and whoever is going to take exam tomorrow.Hope Allah assists us all.

p.s: arab and english, please be good to me. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

salam. share:)

When you are beginning to love the dunya

When people praised you, and you feel a small pang of pride, say Astaghfirullahalazim.
When you feel like you did a good job, and the feeling of arrogance begin to rise, say Astagfirullahalazim.
When you feel like something good is coming from your hardwork, say Alhamdulillah.
When people applaud you for being good or outstanding, say Alhamdulillah.

For everything good is owned by and attributed only to Allah, Our Mighty Creator.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

what am thinking

"oh Allah I took refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice the burden of debts and from being overpowered by men"
-from Al-ma'thuraat

Salam. Mid-sem exam will come soon. Three more days for more precisely. But still got many chapters to be studied. Hopefully i'll have time to do have all revision. 

My dear mind,
You have bigger matter to think of. Dont let it be filled with something you unsure. Just follow the flow and the time will come!

"When Allah is at the center of your priority in life then you are at the center of Allah’s providential care"

-Shaykh Hamzah Yusuf-

Saturday, November 20, 2010

completely raya

salam. Eid adha tahun ni sememangnya berbeza dari tahun sebelum ni.of course because first time raya without family.even last year celebrate kat sekolah, ibu tetap datang.sobs.chill ain chill. bukan selalu raya kat negara orang.btw, raya haji kali ni paling lama disambut dalam sejarah hidup. kat malaysia pun selalunya sambut sehari je. tapi kat Jordan sambut seminggu. tulah orang kata negara arab sambut aidiladha lagi meriah dari aidilfitri. mungkin jugakk. okay, let's look some of the differences and uniqueness here:)

sheeps everywhere for qurbaan ritual.

beraya ke rumah arabs:D
*thanks tasnim!

 picturesque roof top view from Hijazi's building. i wish i could have one someday!

1. special 'mansaf' from arabs siblings;)
2. juadah raya from 'Jakhoh' floor.ohh. rindu kuah kacang ibu:'(
3. lucious dishes from tasnim's open house.

celebrating raya with bunch of foods.

From open house to open sakan to open Permai (sambutan eid adha).
 thanks everyone for serving those appetizing foods:P 

food does help bring us together:)

Friday, November 19, 2010

afraid of YOU

salam Eid Adha 1431. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for given me a chance to celebrate Eid Adha this year. May our struggles and sacrifices be rewarded with Allah's blessings.amiin.

What did I do today?
"Ya Allah, please guide me through this way.
For I am weak and lost without you."

Monday, November 15, 2010


The Dead Sea - Lowest Point On Earth

"Maka tatkala datang azab Kami, Kami jadikan negeri kaum Luth itu yang di atas ke bawah dan Kami terbalikkan, dan Kami hujani mereka dengan batu dari tanah yang terbakar dengan bertubi-tubi, yang diberi tanda oleh Tuhanmu , dan seksaan itu tidaklah jauh daripada orang-orang yang zalim."

"Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat sesuatu tanda kekuasaan Allah.Dan kebanyakan mereka tidak beriman.Dan sesungguhnya Tuhanmu benar-benar Dialah Yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Penyayang."   (26: 8-9)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

free time

7th Nov 2010
Peachie's Birthday Party:)
sorry lambat! 

8th Nov 2010
Met  future dentists with bay and  muhammin. Did first scaling at Jordan by Dr. Mukmeen (5th year dentistry student) 

"five years later, you'll sit here, at my place"


9th Nov 2010
Sakan Sahawneh Cooking Showdown.
what a cute event we've got here:D

10th Nov 2010
went to just as usual.

11th Nov 2010
Thanks to Allah and congratulation my dear. keep it up okay:) 

Amman, not just a shopping spot.

salam. Last friday, I had a meaningful journey with kak umi, kak syida, irisyah fadhilah and azwa to Amman. We went to Cave Of Seven Sleepers which is told in surah Al-Kahf. There is a story about ashabul kahfi in that surah:)

 Ashabul Kahfi

The Qur'an states that the period of time these sleepers spent in the cave was three hundred years during which the calendar of their people was changed from solar to lunar and, as a result, the period of their sleep has increased to 309 (lunar) years. When they woke up, they had no idea they slept for centuries and thought they only slept a few hours. When they sent one of them to buy food, the coins he used to buy food were out of circulation and drew the attention of the town's people. After the story was widely known, the sleepers died. The Qur'an also mentions a dog among the sleepers, in the 18th verse of the 18th chapter, Surah Al Kahf.
Thou wouldst have deemed them awake, whilst they were asleep, and We turned them on their right and on their left sides: their dog stretching forth his two fore-legs on the threshold: if thou hadst come up on to them, thou wouldst have certainly turned back from them in flight, and wouldst certainly have been filled with terror of them. .(Surah Al Kahf, Qur'an: 18)
The ninth verse of Surah Al Kahf touch upon this group's extraordinary situation. As the narrative unfolds, it is seen that their experiences are of an unusual and metaphysical nature. Their entire life is full of miraculous developments. The tenth verse tells us that those young people sought refuge in the cave from the existing oppressive system, which did not allow them to express their views, tell the truth, and call to Allah's religion. Thus, they distanced themselves from their society.
Do you consider that the Companions of the Cave and Ar-Raqim were one of the most remarkable of Our Signs? When the young men took refuge in the cave and said: 'Our Lord, give us mercy directly from You and open the way for us to right guidance in our situation. (Surah Al Kahf, Qur'an: 9-10)
So We sealed their ears with sleep in the cave for a number of years. Then We woke them up again so that we might see which of the two groups would better calculate the time they had stayed there. (Surah Al Kahf, Qur'an: 11-12)
The reason for this state of sleep was their surrender to fate and peace, because Allah, arranges everything for the benefit of the believers.
The Qur'an also states that the number of sleepers will be known to God, and only a handful of people. It has not been mentioned that there were seven sleepers.
They will say: 'There were three of them, their dog being the fourth.' They will say: 'There were five of them, their dog being the sixth,' guessing at the Unseen. And they will say: 'There were seven of them, their dog being the eighth.' Say: 'My Lord knows best their number. Those who know about them are very few.' So do not enter into any argument concerning them, except in relation to what is clearly known. And do not seek the opinion of any of them regarding them.(Surat Al Kahf, Qur'an: 22)"

p/s: advantages of reading al-kahf in every Friday is to prevent us from "fitnah dajjal" during the Day Of  Resurrection.Allahwualam.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Greatest love of all

Nabi Muhammad berkata:
“Sesungguhnya Jibrail diberi tugas bagi menguruskan segala keperluan anak adam..
  sekiranya seorang hamba yang kafir berdoa..
 ALLAH berkata kepada Jibrail
 “Hai Jibrail tunaikan keperluannya..sesungguhnya aku tidak suka mendengar
  dan sekiranya seoarang hamba  mukmin berdoa..
  ALLAH berkata kepada Jibrail,
 “Wahai Jibarail,jangan kau tunaikan dahulu keperluannya,
   kerana aku suka mendengar permohonannya.

This is so relieving me.Alhamdulillah, finally I got it! 

Du'a is a weapon of muslims, so keep praying:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

belajar molek deh


rindu itu nikmat:)
my pray always for you.

enna,ayie and those yang tengah exam, ALL THE BEST!

"Ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali sesuatu yang Engkau permudahkan, Engkau menjadikan kedukaan itu mudah sekiranya Engkau kehendaki"

when they look at me

salam. yesterday, while i was on9-ing at maktabah (library), i sat with these three arabs girls. at first, i intended to ignore them because i was chatting with enna and sempat skyping dengan kak fiza. then, i became uncomfortable with them cuz they kept looking at me and laughed. what's wrong huh? then one of them was like talking to me and i tried to understand what she's saying. it's actually she asked me what is 'student' in malay and it became our beginning of our conversations.

salsabeel, malak and neyar.

i had long talks with them especially to salsabeel because she can speak english quite well. she told me that she's kind of protest to the education system in their country. they only send male student to europe but not for the girls because they are worried about the she decided to take this chance to get along with malaysian students here:) banyak lagi sebenarnya yg ktorg borak but then malaas nak cerita:p

i asked them why they kept smiles and stared at me before, and they're just interested with malazi (malaysian) at jordan. so they were trying to have a talk with me.ouhhhh.i had bad thought of them before we get more friendly. aishh. tak baik sungguh!

okay some of them are very kind and very respectful to malaysian but some of them are not. it's typical right?

lesson: jangan bersangka buruk!

suhu makin kat sini makin time saving pun dah start. so malam akan jadi lebih panjaaaaaang dari biasa. hello winter:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

getting older


If we rolled back memories on 25th october 2009, I still remembered your sorrow face, studying at 5 Dinamik and hoping that Lee and me wished you for your birthday. Somehow, we became a bit cruel and you was tortured by our action. It was before, you got the suprise. But today, on the same date, we are not in 5 Dinamik, high school teenies anymore. arrh. I missed that moment. The best part was when you heard the rythm of happy birthday song from the back of the hall. How shocked you was!

you're the person who always hold my hand when I fell behind,

you're the person who always lend your shoulder for me to cry,

you're the person that always gives me sudden hug and sweet words, 

you're the person that tell me most everything about you to me!,

you're the person that teach me when i lost in the lecture and you were never tired of me,

you're the person that create smile on my face,

you're that person, Nurul Fariha Bt. Abd Mutalib
HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to you.
semoga menjadi anak solehah, insan berjaya dunia akhirat & sentiasa diberkati Allah.


to my dearest Cikwan The Coolest Uncle,
you're twenty five already!
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & cepat kawen:D
may Allah bless you.

I love both of you. Have a wonderful birthday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

one month


worry about Allah,
and about what He wants you to do,
and He will take care of your worries:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

story of a lady

Munirah and I were back from Just and we stopped at Mujamma’ Sheikh Khalil since munirah wants to buy zinjer for peach. Zinjer has been our favourite food cost 0.85 to 1.00 JD each and we think it’s quiet worth it because it really mengenyangkan. But no doubt, it is fattening kind of food:p Out of sudden, a lady in middle ages, holding a baby came to us.

“malazi?” said the lady.
“ye,”munirah answered and came to her. She hugged munirah and I just stood metre away and looked at them. Munirah replied her hug and shake and kiss her hand. I was thinking, “did munirah knew her?” I let the questions flew unanswered and continue stared at them.

“ana nampak awak di pasar haritu.”said the old lady.
“oh yeke.”munirah answered and nampak dia dalam keraguan.

Again she hugged munirah and kiss her cheek.then the lady look at me. Without thinking too much, I walked nearer to her and shake and kiss her hand as munirah did. She did the same thing like she did to munirah. Hugged and kissed my cheek. Saya hanya mampu menyambutnya dengan kerelaan.

We had small talk. The lady is an Indonesian and she had lives here for five years and ever live at Malaysia for five years too. While chatting with her, she selitkan sikit-sikit penggunaan bahasa arab.  Sedikit kagum dengan dia. Then we separated and went to our own way after saying goodbye and hugs&kisses.

Along the way back, we talked about the lady. I asked munirah whether she had met the lady or not and munirah said she even don’t know where the pasar apatah lagi nak kenal dengan makcik tu. That’s mean munirah just layankan makcik tu sebab takkan nak jawab tak pula kat makcik tu. From there I see the kehormatan yang ditunjukkan oleh munirah tanpa menyakiti hati makcik tersebut malah melayan makcik tersebut dengan penuh keikhlasan.Saya berpendapat juga yang makcik tersebut merindui anaknya di Indonesia. Five years is not a short time. Tersangat rindu agaknya.  Penggunaan bahasa arab yang digunakan oleh makcik tersebut juga menampakkan dia sudah lama tak berbahasa Indonesia. Mungkin juga sebab itu dia berbual-bual dengan kami.

Here we can look how she can be so determined to live thousand miles away from her family just untuk mencari sesuap nasi. What about me? Why I am here?

Memang cita-cita dari dulu nak study oversea bila tengok abg ijam and enna walaupun sebenarnya tak yakin dengan kemampuan sendiri. Dengan kuasa Allah, Dia bagi peluang. Plus, dia tambah lagi peluang tu ke middle east. Masa mula-mula dengar memang blurr sangat Jordan kat mana. Kalau Mesir tu familiar lah jugak. Sampai abg ijam call tanya, “betul-betul ke ain nak belajar kat Jordan? Jordan tu sebelah Israel.” Dengan hanya tertawa kecil saya hanya menjawab “betullah”. 

Bila dah masuk middle east program di intec, perlahan-perlahan belajar redha dan sampailah masa sampai di sini. Dengan memegang kata-kata “mesti ada hikmahnya..” saya teruskan perjuangan di sini. Nak diikutkan terlalu banyak kekurangan di sini. Tandus, susah nak dapat air. Even air untuk masak & minum kena beli sebab chlorine level air paip biasa sangatlah tinggi dan tahap kemodenan memang jauh terkebelakang dari Malaysia. Jamiah pula memang jauh dari sakan. So memang take time untuk sampai ke Jamiah semata-mata nak pergi kelas yang kadang-kadang sejam lebih je. Ada lah satu dua hari kelas tiga jam. Bila sampai kelas, lecturer English pun cakap arab.apatah lagi subjek arab. Memang takde harapan nak suruh dia cakap English untuk kitorang faham-.-

banyak betul dugaan.

sabar,cuba untuk tenangkan hati dan buat semua ni kerana Allah. Selalunya kita study hanya untuk lulus exam,naik tahun and graduate. Tu memang yang pasti. Tapi kena betulkan niat sebenar. Hanya kerana Allah. At least, bila kita gagal atau tak capai apa yang kita harapkan, kita akan jadi lebih sabar dan tenang. InsyaAllah, Dia menjanjikan ganjaran yang lebih besar selepas itu. Amin.

Daripada Amirul Mukminin Abu Hafsin 'Umar ibn Al-Khattab r.a. beliau berkata:Aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda:

"bahawa sesungguhnya setiap amalan itu bergantung kepada niat,dan bahawa sesungguhnya bagi setiap orang apa yang dia niatkan.Barangsiapa yang hijrahnya menuju kepada Allah dan RasulNya,maka hijrahnya kepada Allah dan RasulNya. Barangsiapa yang hijrahnya kerana dunia yang dia mahu mancari habuannya,atau kerana seorang perempuan yang dia mahu kahwininya, maka hijrahnya ke arah perkara yang ditujuinya itu."

Monday, October 11, 2010

little bit busy

salam. lama jgk tak update. minggu lepas agak busy sbb mcm-mcm benda juga yang kena settle a.s.a.p.
ambil darah, buat iqomah & MHS (minggu haluan siswa)

too many things i got from MHS.
akan merindui kakak-kakak. thank you! moga Allah redha kakak semua:)
they had shown their best deed and i was amazed.

8 oktober, pertama kali hujan di Jordan. before ni pernah sekali tapi hanya beberapa titik. tapi kali ni lebat. sejuknya rasa ke tulang. ni petanda musim syita' (winter) bakal tiba! waaah;D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



in the coaster, otw from Just

.. Tidak ada kemanisan tanpa ada kepahitan, dugaan dan rintangan. Mengecapi kebahagiaan memerlukan pengorbanan. Setiap kesenangan akan ada bayaran. Contohnya Tuhan hadirkan pelangi yang indah dan kicau burung yang menyanyikan kedamaian selepas hujan. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time to show your talent and eat more

salam. i love weekend. why huh? we used to have tiring days(exaggerate) along the irisyah and i always make a-super-simple-dishes during weekdays.when it comes to weekend, we longed a special dishes to eat  instead of using paste and instant thingy. this weekend (yesterday), we decided to combine with muhammin, munirah, peach & nadia. macam makan besar la jugak. the foods goes...

omelette & wedges from muhammin & nadia:D

'arabian' tomyam from munirah & peachie

fried chickens & fries from me & irisy;p

i know these foods are still simple for you. but as new cooker like us, it was a good trial! haha.they were completely luscious & menjilat jari. kalah kfc, mcD, and even kedai masakan thai tau:pp okay ni melebih je('',) haa. we also got dadih. mcm kat intec, muhammin memang minat masak benda ni:) sedap jugak even guna susu pekat sbb selulunye org guna susu cair. thumbs up everyone! 

then, we went to sarofah (money changer) to draw our travellers cheque. alhamdulillah, at last dapat jugak tukar and we headed to Arabella mall to buy some things. there are some of fast food shops here. like subway,mcD, texas chilli(am not so sure).And i had bought sandwich at subway and it makes me remember of enna! oh i really miss her:'(dont know when we will meet again. sedih sedih. 

otw back to sakan (our place), we bought shawarma (kind of food) and banana+apple juice. ohh banyak kan makan?? that's why i love weekend where i can eat more than other day! 

err.esok dah start kelas and am still in front of my laptop. okay ni lah padah bila internet connections dah laju=='

gtg people. salam:)

p/s: skrg dah tak boleh video and voice call:( nnt akan melambatkan connection:((((

For the one I love

Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honor to
Who should I pay good mind to?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothes you
Who used to feed you?
And always be with you
When you were sick
Stay up all night
Holding you tight
That's right no other
Your mother (My mother)

Who should I take good care of?
Giving all my love
Who should I think most of?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk
Who used to hold you?
Before you could walk
And when you fell who picked you up
Clean your cut
No one but your mother
My mother

Who should I stay rigt close to?
Listen most to
Never say no to
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes
Comb your hair
And blow your nose
And when you cry
Who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears
Who really cares?
My mother

Say Alhamdulillah
Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah
For my mother.

special dedicated for my mum who is celebrating her 47th birthday today! iloveeyousomuch ibu:)

Monday, September 27, 2010

salam.alhamdulillah hari-hari di Jordan semakin baik walaupun cuaca tak menentu. gara-gara ribut pasir di Amman 3 hari lepas, semalam satu Irbid nampak berdebu.nak bernafas pun rasa mcm inhale debu je. baru dugaan sikit dah mengeluh. belum lagi Allah turunkan hujan batu ke taufan ke. astaghfirullah. patutnya aku kena lebih bersyukur,bukannya mengeluh-.-"

langkah terawal di bumi anbia

I really have to work hard for arabic. Both, fusahah (standard) and ammi (colloquial).
& I really have to increase my ibadah too. that's the most important! aim for Jannah:)