Monday, November 1, 2010

when they look at me

salam. yesterday, while i was on9-ing at maktabah (library), i sat with these three arabs girls. at first, i intended to ignore them because i was chatting with enna and sempat skyping dengan kak fiza. then, i became uncomfortable with them cuz they kept looking at me and laughed. what's wrong huh? then one of them was like talking to me and i tried to understand what she's saying. it's actually she asked me what is 'student' in malay and it became our beginning of our conversations.

salsabeel, malak and neyar.

i had long talks with them especially to salsabeel because she can speak english quite well. she told me that she's kind of protest to the education system in their country. they only send male student to europe but not for the girls because they are worried about the she decided to take this chance to get along with malaysian students here:) banyak lagi sebenarnya yg ktorg borak but then malaas nak cerita:p

i asked them why they kept smiles and stared at me before, and they're just interested with malazi (malaysian) at jordan. so they were trying to have a talk with me.ouhhhh.i had bad thought of them before we get more friendly. aishh. tak baik sungguh!

okay some of them are very kind and very respectful to malaysian but some of them are not. it's typical right?

lesson: jangan bersangka buruk!

suhu makin kat sini makin time saving pun dah start. so malam akan jadi lebih panjaaaaaang dari biasa. hello winter:)

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