Tuesday, July 13, 2010

La tahzan ya sodiqati

salam. awal pagi tadi, friend of mine; farcha, bagitahu ayah mazni baru pulang kerahmatullah. seorg lagi teman kehilangan ayahnya. baru-baru ni, emak fatin nabilah a.k.a kuzco (ex-dinamik) juga meninggal dunia.
ya Allah sedihnya bila dengar berita mcm ni. masa masa yang kita perlukan mereka, masa itulah mereka tinggalkan kita. just imagine if kita di tempat mereka? mampukah? hanya Allah yang tahu betapa sedihnya mereka. All we can do now is praying, that He grants them a place of 'beriman' people. This show that Allah love them more. so be strong and keep praying my friends. There's a long way to go.


Thanks to Allah, He still give me chance to 'beraya' with my family this year. The rumours that saying we'll fly before raya had been just rumours. hehe.  so Pn Umiatun, our ketua program had announced that we are going to Jordan after raya insyaAllah.still, cannot beraya with Enna again this year:( and  again, u have to cook 'rendang' by yourself! 
Speaking about raya, my course at intec will be ended on 26th august which is 1 month++ from today. And yeah of course thats mean my final exam just around the corner! It is like almost of my friends are having cuti sem now and weeks after this and while me, just being isolated at intec. grrr. finee. 
I think that's all for today. ouh, I'm having 'role play' tomorrow and will be act as Dr. Ain and waheeda  will be the patient.hope things will run smoothly. bye everyone. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

silent morning

salam. mid-term exam was over yesterday and i dont put high hopes on that. i know that
 i've been studying last minute, so it will not be a good come out:(  

sometimes we forget that we're too much given till we forget to find.