Sunday, February 20, 2011

angin pagi


adakah aku betul-betul syukur?
masih bernafas,celikkan mata,dan bersujud kepadaMu walaupun tubuh tak sedaya biasa.
ya Rabb,please forgive me!

suka padanya tak terkata, hanya mapu melihat & membaca:) belum ada bakat atau memang takde bakat.hahah.

tahniah kepada pemenang dan kawan-kawan yang berjaya menjadi ratu:D

yarmouk university.
can you see light ray comes from the slits of the cloud? subhanallah :)

semoga hari ini lebih baik dari hari-hari semalam.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

unexpected numbers of guests


pesanan Dr. A'la Hilat yang sempat diterjemahkan oleh kakak-kakak Yarmouk masa ceramah maulidur rasul tempoh hari:

لا تحب  شيئا  اكثر من الله
jangan kamu menyukai sesuatu lebih daripada Allah.


لو كان الحبيب بيننا عليكم ان تتعلموا كيف تتقوا باللة ولا تخافو 
..sekiranya nabi bersama kita, kita akan belajar bagaimana percaya pada Allah dan tidaklah kamu takut.

itu tempoh hari.semalam Sheikh Makmun berucap kat depan masih lagi terpinga-pinga tak faham apa-apa. Nak tanya sesiapa pun belum tertanya.heheh. Bila sheikh dah halfway kat depan baru teringat nak rakam.haish -.-" 
*siapa nak pahala lebih boleh la share apa yg sheikh makmun cakap semalam eh^^

alhamdulillah, selesai sudah minggu untukmu Ya Habiballah.maaf atas kekurangan.
ini boleh diklik untuk recall forum semalam, dan ini pula note ceramah Dr. Ala' Hilat.

p/s:kalau grammar/maksud ayat atas tu ada salah, tegur ye:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

from Tumblr

Ya Allah,jadikanlah hatiku bersih dari setitik pun jahiliyyah.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


permulaan yang baik.
berharap untuk pengakhiran yang baik juga.


p/s:taktahu kenapa lately asyik HOMESICKK-.-"

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Everything that Allah (SWT) made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them. A lady’s body is sacred. We’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls. This is the beauty of Hijab" 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy come back,take care,turkey and second sem


Have not much idea to post about Turkey. The chaos in Egypt just make me put aside the vacation thingy for a while.seriously risau jugak kat kawan-kawan kat sana. alhamdulillah, yang pergi bercuti di sana ada yang dah balik. cuma ada beberapa lagi yang still stranded kat airport and kat certain tempat.tak pasti. emmm. harap-harap diorang semua selamat balik ke Irbid ni.inshaAllah.untuk yang memang stay, selalu lah doa supaya cepat aman kat sana and boleh teruskan study macam biasa.semuanya sudah cantik ditetapkan Allah, just be patient and take care okay. tak kurang jugak yang kena bencana kat Johor, sabar jugak. ini semua ujian dan juga peringatan untuk kita semua.

However, I've been thinking to still write about my holiday in Turkey.let the pictures tell the story..
two days journey from Syria to Istanbul.really tiring, but i was dazzled by the view along the journey.subhanallah.
23rd Jan 2011 morning.still have one day to go to arrive Istanbul.

Look around yourselves

Can’t you see this wonder

Spreaded infront of you

The clouds floating by
The skies are clear and blue
Planets in the orbits
The moon and the sun
Such perfect harmony

Safely arrived at Istanbul at 24th also known as Constantinople before Syakh Muhammad Al-Fateh conquered this city, then he named it as Istambul (House of Islam).In 1923, it changed to Istanbul until now.

Taksim was the area we lived. lot of shops, clubs and restaurants around there.more like Bukit Bintang area but in Istanbul's version.
This is Galata Tower.It was built by the Genoese in 1348.from top of the tower, people can see scene of Istanbul and also Bhophorus. It was used as prison, then used as an observatory then as prison again and up until now, it only used as a touristic attraction by private company. we didn't entered this tower because we ran out of time:(

Maqam Amru Bin As and Wahab Bin Husyairi. 

 picture from nurbaya
taken from Karakoy district, across part is Eminonu which is Old Istanbul.

The New Mosque.It was built during Ottoman Empire and took long term construction in Ottoman history.

Eqyptian usual, every place has its own tourist shopping here it is. not as big as Grand Bazaar. It is said that an old bazaar called Makron Envalos previously existed where the current Egyptian Bazaar stands. we shopped at Grand Bazaar which is the largest and oldest covered bazaar in the world. Has lot of wings that sell souveniers,carpets, clothes and lot more! I couldn't took the picture of it since it was late at that time.
Blue Mosque. one of the wajib-pergi-melawat place in Turkey. The only mosque that has six minarets among mosques in Istanbul.Nevertheless, its constructions only took 7 years to be completed. Here we can see how Turkish play their role in doing something. very fast,efficient and super perfect.thumbs up!
Hagia Sofea museum. originally, it was built as a church then it was converted to mosque after  the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmed II.Due to a fought between muslim and christ at one time ago, this building then been transformed into musem in 1935.It has a very big dome which was expected to fall down, but amazingly it still survive until now.
Inner decorations of this museum are mixed up by both islamic and christian influences. 

Topkapi Palace.I've not much knowledge about its history, being as a museum which contains many heritage of an Empire that has been lasted very long time ago.It also includes some heritage during nabi and rasul ages.

Golden Horn is the one of the best harbour in the world.It was ancient harbour during Byzantine and Ottoman period.

Panorama Museum.It describing the Conquest Of Constantinople in 1453. 

Miniaturk  is the Mini Tukey Park which have mini models of Ottoman buildings, historical bulidings and also main places around Turkey. 

so these are the places i've visited in Turkey. not just visiting, we also enjoyed ferry riding, cable car, and also ice skating as a replacement of skii.hope to be there again,inshaAllah. (ayat sama dengan syria^^,)

Alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah.thanks to Allah who gives me such a precious chance to go to both Syria and Turkey. this holiday will end soon. tomorrow, first class of second semester will start. can't believe it,how time flies. please pray the best for me, especially my health and study.
going to face physics and organic chemistry:( risauuuu.