Monday, June 28, 2010

legally 18th *jealous*

salam.most of my friends are celebrating their birthday on June. they are mazni, nabilah, irisyah. so today, is muhammin's turn and we were having a small party in our house. hope you enjoy your meaningful day to the fullest!
 special for you

with birthday girl, muhammin (PLS IGNORE THE UNTIDY SURROUNDING:p)

to muhammin, we're sorry for not wishing early on your birthday. just want to give you some suprises, there's no present but i hope the memories will always in your mind:) sorry about "wet things" too yeah? AHAHA.

hard time are facing us & i hope we could still together:)
am miss you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

quarantine mode

salam. heyyy you! tiba tiba je excited walhal am all alone now. other roomates are not here, irisy was back home while two others, mone & muhammin dkt comp lab skrg. okayy, this is the 2nd time am having my weekend at akasia. tulah bila rumah dekat ni rasa every week je nak balik-.- lepastu assigments pun tertangguh tangguh sampai last minute baru nak siapkan. hishh. teruk betul perangai. emm. rasa mcm tak berubah pun dari sekolah dulu.haihh. supposedly when at university the study style pun kena ubah. should be more independent, but I think that am getting lazier. ouh no! thats why I chose not to go back home this week. mcm dah tersedar balik yang aku ni belajar dahla org sponsor, takkan nk main main lagi oh.

two days back I went to UM & met samurian, dynamic's especially. serious takut tgk asasian belajar. mcm susah je. but at least diorg time degree nanti dah terbiasa dgn cara belajar universitiy. but kat intec sometimes still mcm kat sekolah cuz ade lecture notes. kalau asasian sume kena salin time lecturer bg lecture.then diorang ada tutorial & lab. dkt intec takde lagi. semua tu kitorang akan buat dkt Jordan nanti insyaAllah. takut je kalau tak terbiasa. one more thing am so worried If the scholar cannot afford all of us, i mean what if's they can just afford who are really score in final exam then.grr. risau sangat. I just pray the best for myself & my friends. hopefully nothing happen.amin..

behind: fuzah & fynn, front; me,fariha,ida &lee

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

u're eighteen !

salam. i would like to wish my dearest bestfriend, faeqa farahin who is having her birthday today! u're already 8teen, human:')  i thought that i wanna post a video for you but everytime i tried to speak, i just cant say it out. ahahaha. lawak lah bila tgk muka sendiri kat kat webcam i just can post this for you:)
naah, gamba kek:p

so have a blast birthday and make it as the happiest moment ever,
i hope you get whatever u desire of in your life & always be blessed!
loads of LOVE!

Monday, June 14, 2010


salam. am currently at my room. having no class. what a leisure time. other roomates are enjoying their beautiful evening with sleeping.ahah. am decided not to sleep becuz we maybe have chemistry quiz tomorrow and its like what?pfft. chemistry is really complicated at this stage. seriously, i got only 4.5/20 for recent quiz & i was like; what i studied before? please God, help me. wish me luck for tomorrow. toodles, got to study.

Friday, June 11, 2010

come back!

salam. sorry for my long absence. dont come to ask me why! :p
now i think my normal life is back. not just makan tidur makan tidur at home anymore. normal means come back to school, lecture, study & having like thousands of assigments & presentation, less time of sleep& enjoy. a long long holiday were over about a month ago.

am currently at home with my family like i used to be; for weekend only.
going out tomorrow & meet the brother:)