Monday, January 31, 2011

semoga selamat

khas buat yang berada Mesir.
umum buat semua umat Islam.

first escapism


It would be so nice drinking a glass of hot milk and bread at the corner of a street in Damascus in early morning. What a refreshing day to start. I wish I can come back to that place one day. A city which has its own history and uniqueness that are so much to tell.

syrian arab man who sells milk and bread every morning

Bosra,Roman Amphitheathre
Bosra is a major archaeological site, containing ruins from Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim times, its main feature being the well preserved Roman theatre.

the theatre that can seat up 15000 people

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also ever stepped in this area when he was young, following his uncle regarding to business but they were asked to go back by a padre because he felt that something bad will happen if they stayed. 

Although Bosra now is a historical place, still there are families living around the ancient rocks and walls.a thing that amazed me the most. while people are looking for a castle like house, Bosra residents chose to live in a very modest way!

one of the ancient mosque that still be used

Jazirat Arwad (Arwad Island),Tartous
to Arwad Island
It suprised me when we will head  to island that day. and i just realised that i really love boat riding because i can breath fresh sea air and enjoyed the wonderful scenery of Allah's creation.

after all this time for not eating fresh fish

The main point we went there was to visit Qal'ah Arwad (Arwad Castle), but unlucky for us since it was closed. This island once being a place for Phoenicians who used it as a secure port for their eastern Mediterranean trading routes.The Romans and Crusaders who then used that island for their benefits in security.

Khalid Al-Walid Mosque,Homs
 "Sebaik-baik hamba Allah dan saudara dalam satu suku iaitu Khalid b Al-Walid, Saifullah, yang pedangnya akan dihayunkan kepada orang-orang kafir dan munafik"

Nawa'ir Hama (Norias of Hama)
one of the nawa'ir

Norias of Hama is the biggest and oldest waterwheel in the world. Originally, there were over 30 norias.But now, only 17 norias left and no longer used.The biggest one is Nawa'ir al-Mohammadiya.

Old city of Damascus
There are countless grave of muslims here,including Prophet Muhammad families and his comrades, ahlul bait and many more.
Memorial of Salahuddin Al-Ayubi
picture taken by aishah hanim

Damascus is the place where the a great warrior, Salahuddin Al-Ayubi continued his studied.After that, he successfully bring up the triumph in Perang Salib.Whilst he is a warrior, he also very kind and loving.This is shown after the war had finished, he did not punished or killed any of the christian. His shrine is at the back of Umayyad Mosque.

Umayyad Mosque
picture taken by aishah hanim

This mosque has unique decoration because previously it was conquered by christian and was used as church and finally being renovated into mosque after muslims took it, it's functional for praying and also open for visitors.

Souq Hamidi, Syria's shopping spot
picture taken by siti nurbaya

I'm not really sure the number of shops at souq hamidi but i like the waffle and ice-cream shop instead of souveniers and clothes shops there :) come and try them when you get here! wajib:D

Souq Halawiyyaat

Halawiyyat is a kind of food that has sweet taste. Jordan also has this kind of food but not as much as in Syria. By the way, i don't like halawiyaat since i can't stand the over sweet taste.They might look good, but it can destroy your sweet tooth if you eat them overdose. pesanan bakal doktor gigi:P

varieties of halawiyyaat

Since we got there in late evening, we missed to visit  maqam arbaien (on the top of the hill) because it was closed.It was tiring after climbed 600 rungs in order to get there.Supposedly it has 800 rungs but we skipped 200 rungs by riding tut tut that was more challenging than riding a roller coaster. no safety belt provided but alhamdulillah we were safely arrived.

 view of Damascus city from the the top

We stayed at Bludan for one night to see snow the next day and it was enough for us to stay longer than one was because the house just have a few heater,we were definitely freezing at that night.the snow wasn't thick and just left a few since winter will end soon.

playing snow for the first time.hoosh hoosh:D
picture taken by siti nurbaya

no regrets in Syria:)
till then, wassalam.

p/s: This post is lack of fact that related to the places i for further and truer information, u can just ask mr. google or either find related books yeah;) 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

random updates


1.I've done my finals and right now i'm on holidays:) result pun semua dah keluar kecuali's not like what i expected. generally,it's sooo average. mungkin teruk bagi certain orang. bak kata senior imran, susah nak memahami jiwa-jiwa star ni.hehe.however i'm still glad that Allah gives me such result kalau nak dibandingkan dengan usaha yang tak seberapa.tu belum kira lagi dosa-dosa yang dah buat selama ni. naudhubillah.

Hopefully that journey to another Syam's region tomorrow until 28th Jan will open my eyes,heart and knowledge and also as a motivation injection to myself to become more passionate for the next semester and future.

2.oh, today is my second brother who i call 'bijam', birthday. Happy Birthday man! wishing u finish your study successfully and do well in future:) may Allah keep you in His blessings and hope u like the present that i've sent to you :)

3.I've got you my stories about pakcik taxi in urdun.

In malaysia we heavenly go anywhere by various public transports like LRT, KTM, ERL and RAPIDKL if we don't have our own transport.but here,we only have three choices to go somewhere.


well i'm not going to tell about it much because there are something else that i want to share.
lately, I've been experienced with some taxi drivers who are trying to speak malay with first, we don't really understand what they said because we thought it was arabic but then we realised that they speak malay!

we're quite amazed when the taxi driver knew many of malay words like, duwar=bulatan, syari3=jalan, syimal=kiri, yamiin=kanan. and then we teach us some malay words too.haha.

All this time we kept complaining within ourselves that they always expect us to speak their language.even in malaysia, we talk english with foreigners because we don't expect them to speak malay right? that makes a bit ketidakpuasan hati.heh. but after experiencing those pakciks, it make me wonder why didn't i do the same way like they did? supposedly,I am the one who asking them what is this and that in arabic. ni tak, dia pula yang tanya kita. haish.malu tak malu :(

When i was back from mecca mall three days ago, the pakcik told us that students from europe country can speak arabic very fluently after two months staying here because they constantly asking the driver what are the meaning of all the things that they saw.emm wait, how many months i've been here? 3 months? huhuh. disappointing. i'm still merangkak nk cakap arab. memang terkena sampai ke liver -.-"

We often complaining how bad the arabs are.buat kerja lambatlah,suka tipu, sistem tak teratur lah, itulah dan inilah. we rarely see the good side of them. why? because we always think that we're better than them.banyak je yang baik-baik sebenarnya. waktu balik dari mecca mall tula, the same pakcik also tasmi3 us some of the suraah in the quraan. mula-mula rasa mcm malu jugak. yela tiba-tiba je nak baca surah depan dia pulak. tapi bila difikirkan kenapa perlu malu? so each of us recited surah that he requested then. phew, nasib baik tanya juzuk amma je. at least we're not wasting our time with chitchatting in malay language that can make the pakcik annoyed with us.i think so. just imagine if we're in his shoes.confirm akan rasa annoyed. astaghfirullah.

and selalu je dengar diorang pasang radio bacaan quraan. bagus kan? kalau kat malaysia jarang la nak jumpa.

sekarang dah kena ubah sikit-sikit perspektif kita terhadap orang arab.tak semuanya teruk, tak semuanya bagus. tapi apa salahnya kalau kita positif? mungkin hari ni kita kena tipu dengan arab, tapi mungkin juga esok hari ada arab yang tolong kita. mungkin hari ni dia gelakkan kita cakap arab,tapi mungkin juga esok dia juga penyebab kita mahir ckp arab :)

p/s: esok nak pergi bercuti, tapi iqomah tak siap lagi. positif ain, positif. inshaAllah hari ni siap.

wallahualam :) doakan perjalan selamat pergi & balik.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

pemurah dan adil Pencipta


I easily got boring while studying because not everything I read will directly stick in my mind.
but not easily got boring when watching movies or doing 'lagha' things. Out of sudden, these phrases popped out from my mind.

Barang siapa membawa kebaikan, maka dia memperoleh (balasan) yang LEBIH baik daripadanya, sedangkan mereka merasa aman dari kejutan yang dahsyat pada hari itu. (kiamat) [89, An-Naml]

aren't study is a good thing?

dan barang siapa membawa kejahatan , maka disungkurkanlah wajah mereka ke dalam neraka.Kamu tidak diberi balasan,melainkan SETIMPAL dengan apa yang telah kamu kerjakan. [90, An-Naml]

aren't doing something lagha is a bad thing?

then I wonder, how sweet Allah to us. when we do something good, He even gives us more, but when we do something bad, He will give equal based on what we did. Subhannallah !

study spirit comes again! THANK YOU ALLAH :)

nature of syitaa'. jangan tanya kenapa asyik duk letak gambar makanan je :D

paling susah untuk dikawal


craving for this Mr. Denise Cheese. wait for me okayy?

Nasi Lemak. my second trial. hihi.