Monday, October 25, 2010

getting older


If we rolled back memories on 25th october 2009, I still remembered your sorrow face, studying at 5 Dinamik and hoping that Lee and me wished you for your birthday. Somehow, we became a bit cruel and you was tortured by our action. It was before, you got the suprise. But today, on the same date, we are not in 5 Dinamik, high school teenies anymore. arrh. I missed that moment. The best part was when you heard the rythm of happy birthday song from the back of the hall. How shocked you was!

you're the person who always hold my hand when I fell behind,

you're the person who always lend your shoulder for me to cry,

you're the person that always gives me sudden hug and sweet words, 

you're the person that tell me most everything about you to me!,

you're the person that teach me when i lost in the lecture and you were never tired of me,

you're the person that create smile on my face,

you're that person, Nurul Fariha Bt. Abd Mutalib
HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to you.
semoga menjadi anak solehah, insan berjaya dunia akhirat & sentiasa diberkati Allah.


to my dearest Cikwan The Coolest Uncle,
you're twenty five already!
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & cepat kawen:D
may Allah bless you.

I love both of you. Have a wonderful birthday!

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