Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time to show your talent and eat more

salam. i love weekend. why huh? we used to have tiring days(exaggerate) along the irisyah and i always make a-super-simple-dishes during weekdays.when it comes to weekend, we longed a special dishes to eat  instead of using paste and instant thingy. this weekend (yesterday), we decided to combine with muhammin, munirah, peach & nadia. macam makan besar la jugak. the foods goes...

omelette & wedges from muhammin & nadia:D

'arabian' tomyam from munirah & peachie

fried chickens & fries from me & irisy;p

i know these foods are still simple for you. but as new cooker like us, it was a good trial! haha.they were completely luscious & menjilat jari. kalah kfc, mcD, and even kedai masakan thai tau:pp okay ni melebih je('',) haa. we also got dadih. mcm kat intec, muhammin memang minat masak benda ni:) sedap jugak even guna susu pekat sbb selulunye org guna susu cair. thumbs up everyone! 

then, we went to sarofah (money changer) to draw our travellers cheque. alhamdulillah, at last dapat jugak tukar and we headed to Arabella mall to buy some things. there are some of fast food shops here. like subway,mcD, texas chilli(am not so sure).And i had bought sandwich at subway and it makes me remember of enna! oh i really miss her:'(dont know when we will meet again. sedih sedih. 

otw back to sakan (our place), we bought shawarma (kind of food) and banana+apple juice. ohh banyak kan makan?? that's why i love weekend where i can eat more than other day! 

err.esok dah start kelas and am still in front of my laptop. okay ni lah padah bila internet connections dah laju=='

gtg people. salam:)

p/s: skrg dah tak boleh video and voice call:( nnt akan melambatkan connection:((((

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