Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pullman lakeside


The idea of going to jog was came from my mind after months failed to do any exercises.For past few weeks, I had long day in room with books because of the examination.. yeke? (it's obviously a lie, man!).hehe.So the mum and the adik were the victims for my lack of exercise.

We went to breathtaking Pullman lakeside at Putrajaya this morning. Truthfully,I'm not a good storyteller.As always,just let the pictures do the job:)

for the first time of being here even though it's not far away from our place.

pantai berpasir*fake one*
 I'd prefer the real one. Of course!


thanks ibu for melayan kerenah ain:P

adik was just sitting somewhere at the place because she needed to do some hafazan for school&own task since school holiday is going to just me & ibu who strolled along the lakeside.

good morning sunshine:')

the vain me:P

Some people do their job.We came there without knowing actually the place has been reserved for few days because of Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) for water activities.But it still open for public people like us. 

Our stomach not even gave us a chance to watch the event. They begged to be filled right after we finished our activities there.haha. boo me. lepas joging pekena roti canai & teh ais. elok la tu;D

p.s:trying not to waste this short holiday.inshaAllah:)


  1. haha. bagus lah. i din start any exercise yet:P

  2. tak ajak seyyhhh :|
    hee kalau ajak ponn mcm la bangun -.-
    btw,igtkan hri tu meng dtg nk bwk gi sni.tpi gerak alamanda jugak

  3. aqilah : takpe. makan dulu puas-puas. then br start.wehee

    hajar : cantik!first-timer.hahaha

    bay : sorry seyhhh.pepagi td. owh.tula. waiting fr taman cabaran:D hehe