Monday, June 6, 2011

one four three


you can love someone when you love yourself.
you can love yourself  when you love Allah. 
to love Allah is to do everything He asks and avoiding everything He hates.

His loves know no bound.

thing that keep me awake. taknak terlepas sunset sunrise!

"This has been made beautiful to people: the love of the desires such as women, sons, piled up heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and land. That is the provision of this life but with Allah is the best place of return."


p.s: alhamdulillah,safely arrived home on last friday:)


  1. aaaaaaaaa~!
    fevret akak everytime naik plane~!

    xkisah la ke mana2 pun. kalau dapat timing cani memang heaven~! ^^

    balik hari tu akak dapat dua2. sunrise sunset~ =D

  2. aaaaa. sep2. same la kita:DD

    tahu takpe. seronok+excited sgt.rase taknak bg dia hilang je.

    waah.haritu kita terlepas sunset. buat ape tah time tu-.-" hehe

    btw, have a nice holiday kak intan!

  3. nice for both of you,hehe
    tc :)