Monday, April 5, 2010

done is done.

alhamdulillah. im really really glad and feels a great relieved after all. sighhhh. the JPA interview was run fine just like what i want. it's not really 'menakutkan' indeed:) 

i went there with my mother.i was in panel 15 that is the last panel, but i was the first person in the panel(!) only God knows whats my feeling at that time. my session started at 1400, but then u people who are going to the interview later must be at your interview centre at least 30 minutes earlier because u have to scour your name at the list name part & put your sign as well, then 10 minutes before, u can go to the panel as given.before that, i salam and cium ibu dulu utk mintak restu.hehe. dah masuk kat situ, mingle lahh ngn kawan kawan baru. luckily i met eva & pigeon but they were not same panel with me but i met ola (athirah,ex-pujeng 6) and dia sama panel ngn i. hoho. we had short talk, then the receptionist called our name according to the name listed. so i pioneer lah sbb name first. heheh.

the receptionist will tell us to arrange all the documents needed and leave it there. takpayah bawak masuk. haa, yg copied document tu asingkan dr fail & bagi jgk kat receptionist tu. we only can bring a pen and will be given half of A4 paper into the interview room. masa masuk i selawat & baca "rabbi shrahli sodri wayyarsirli amri wahlul uktada mi lisani", maksudnya, "Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah dadaku, dan mudahkanlah untukku, urusanku, dan lepaskanlah kekakuan lidahku, agar mereka mengerti perkataanku." and confidently walked & sitted (after interviewer suruh),& i also greet them. there were 3 of them; two malay women, and one indian man.

saya duduk hujung skali. then dia suruh introduce myself & yang lain lain ikut turutan. i had to speak out a bit loud as my voice ni kadang kadang tak dengar sangat,heh. my group consist of 5members. two of them are taking medicine, one veterinar, one pharmacist n me, dentistry. so evryone are related to health science. the first question goes about medic. then the two people told us their experiences in pendedahan kerjaya, and their opinion. after that baru dia tanya yang lain lain. masa dia tny my opinion about dentistry, my answer was, "i want to do something noble to myself and people around me in the field that i genuinely interested in, that is dentistry". then dia tanya, tak bosann ke nanti kerja tengok gigi orang jee, hehhe. i ckp tak lahh, lagipun oral problem is also related to whole body health.hahaha. time ni rase cm nervous jugak, i was lack of ideas but then, i tried to control myself and answered as i can.

during the discussions, our group were given a question about 'what are the health consequences of random sexual' . yang random tu snanye ade scientific word dia, tp i lupa.heheh.tua dahh:D we did the discussing, giving opinions ang important points. it was like bincang isi penting masa buat karangan masa kat sekolah dulu. hee. each of us take each point, and kena kembangkan isi tu. see! mcm buat karangan kn? so korang yang hebat hebat tu mesti boleh fikir isi isi tu. dont worry too much k:) after 10 minutes, barulah sorang sorang terangkan pasal isi tu & can also give our own opinion. it was quite fun cuz the interviewer sometimes did jokes. dia tak garang macam singa pun. AHAHA. 

lepas habis discussions, dia tanya why do you come to this interview, which country do u want to further your study and whyy. bebel puny bebel, masa habis. before that, the indian man ade pesan, nanti bila dah belajar oversea, jangan lupa balik malaysia, serve for our nation. takyah rawat mat saleh tuu, rawat rakyat malaysia je sbb duit jpa tu bkn duit dia or kerajaan, tapi duit rakyat. so we have to go back and berbakti untuk negara. at that time i was 100% agreed with him and mengangguk jelah. sbb betul lah ape dia ckp. at least, lepas habis belajar, kerja ngn kerajaan 10 tahun tu pn dah kira okay. lepastu nak buat ape pun sukatilah kan. taknak kerja langsung pn takpe:PP

so the first sessions ended at 1500. bila keluar dari bilik tu, i terus thank to Allah, that gave me all the kemudahan during the interview, and i just tawakal & doa for its result. sempat jugak tukar tukar number phone ngn abg abg hensem. cehh, takdelah, ngn bdk prmpn group i & duduk kejap ngn candidates lain yang tengah tunggu turn, shared my experiences, and asked them to calm down. most of them are chinesse and indian.nasib baik lah group i ade sorg je chinese, lelaki. takdelah mcm nervous sgt bila tak dpt nk speaking tuh.hahahaa. tau tau jelah dorang hebat shamne kan. =='

so i think thats enough for my experiences today.  utk yang akan ditemu ramah, GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST:)

beg fail. tapi last last takyah bawak masuk pun. tinggal je luar.HAHA

till then, salam.


  1. Aslmkn.
    Hye K. Ain.
    How r u?
    Hope fine je la di sana.
    Sorry 2 bother u but I have a question.
    Emm..time interview 2 mmg wajib speking ke?
    And boleh ke kalau mix mlay n englsh?

  2. wslm, hye:) alhamdulillah im fine here. supposedly mmg wajib speaking. but when the interviewer asking u in malay and u can answer in malay. kalau dia tny english, better u answer in english.

  3. Ooo..tq.
    Ada pape tips lg x?
    Doa kan kita pass interview ni ye K. Ain.
    Nanti boleh ikut jejak K. Ain. =D
    Also all da best 4 U di perantauan.