Friday, February 19, 2010

take care dear

salam. i always wished if i cud control the time machine. especially for today. but nothing can change fate right. 19th feb is the date for my sister going back to townsville continuing her medical studies, so the date is today. first when i woke up this morning i didnt felt anything yet till the moment she had to say goodbye n started hugging & salam-ing ibu, hanim and lastly me, suddenly i had an overwhelming feeling that i cant bear it. tears welled in my eyes, but i tried not to let it run down my cheecks. i knew ibu must be more sad than me. so i controlled myself & hide my sorrow.

first i met her after 10 months she left us last year, was raya haji. she came to visit me at samura with ibu, maksu, paksu, aisyah, anis & ilya. i was very exteremely excited that time but i didnt showed it obviously( since that is my real behaviour;hiding the real feeling towards someone but no ones know what's inside:D)
she was not much changing & still like before. her speaking styles, way of dressing still show that she was not had a culture shock or anything while she was at aussie. alhamdulillah.

we had been together for almost 3 months & for me it is a long time, to be at home. so many words to describe herself. she is a strong survivor. she tried so hard to bring herself at this stage. one night, we were chattering about our family. she said; "akak fikir kita ni takde apa-apa pun selain dari ilmu & kejayaan yang kita ada. itulah je yang boleh bawak kita ke mana mana & itu je yang boleh buat orang memandang kita. sebab tu akak belajar rajin rajin" . i was lost in words that time. thinking the rightness of her words. yess. she was very right. she taught me a lot without i realised. every words from her to me are meaningful & inspiring.

despite of her success that make me adore her, she also has some funny, cheerful behaviour that make all of us laugh n sometimes get annoyed with her actios. but we never hates n we are about to miss you enna:)

this evening i was on9 for a while.suddenly anem entered our house and shouting, "kak nina~! n go to my room
& i straightly sound her."heyy. mana ada kak nina la"
"eh lupa lah. kak nina dah balik" she get out from the room and smiling tersipu-sipu. apelah adik..
i was sad again. arrh. how boring am i when she absent. we used to go out & shopping together till anem always be jealous with us cuz we oftenly going out while she was at school.huhu. 
n when it comes to buy someting ,she kindly help me choosing n giving her best opinion for me. seriously, she is my best shopping-mate ever!!

nanti takde lagi orang yang nak bebel bebel kemas bilik, gantung baju dlm wardrobe elok-elok, buat lawak gila-gila, teman borakborak plus mengumpat sebelum tidur:D, orang yang nak dengar cerita pasal boyfren, orang yang nak support ain nak ambil course ape, tolong ain buat research pasal course yang ade, bagi pinjam duit bila ain sengkek;p, & bla bla bla. sume dah tak de lah. balik cepat siket eh. boleh teman ain lagi. hee. mengada punya budak! 

enna take care & study well there:)
i love you so much <3
* kalau enna baca post ni jgn gelak eh:P

final snaps:)

last pose from you

bye-bye. sobbssss


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